Letting pilots focus on flying and operators concentrate on operations

Our mission

Serving pilots and customers

We began our journey to find a better way for helicopter pilots and operators to work together in 2009.

Since then, it’s been our mission to keep on building our large pool of professional and experienced pilots and to connect them with operators and other services providers in need of pilots.

We have pilots ready to fly at short notice on Boeing, Bell, Airbus, Sikorsky and Leonardo helicopters. We work with commercial operators, government agencies, maintenance organisations, lessors or brokers.

The contracts we can handle are short to long term, up to three years. They let pilots focus on flying and operators concentrate on operations, because we take care of all the administrative and logistics tasks involved with each contract and mission.


We save commercial operators money by allowing them to build flexibility into their staffing levels. Fewer pilots are needed on a permanents basis when we can supply the right pilot at the right time to meet your seasonal and unexpected demand


We have a large number of pilots experienced in government work, meeting every criteria of these specialised contracts. Each pilot is fully qualified, security checked and experienced in completing government missions, collaborating to ensure the safety and security of the people and materials on board.


We help MRO organisations respond to scheduled events or unexpected breakdowns with our highly skilled and flexible pool of pilots. We provide pilots who are highly experienced in supporting MRO, working efficiently, safely, and autonomously.


This growing sector is generating increasing demand for pilots. We help lessors and brokers by supporting their flight requirements, including flight testing, acceptance and repositioning of aircraft, and overall asset assessments. Our pilots are available at short notice, anywhere in the world.