MROs, operators and private individuals globally require fast and cost-effective helicopter pilot support services and they call upon Helispeed’s industry-leading solutions when they require skilled helicopter pilots.

We provide MRO pilot support worldwide to help aviation maintenance repair and overhaul organisations respond rapidly to both rescheduled and unscheduled events as well as unexpected breakdowns. The pilots we supply are highly experienced in working with maintenance repair and overhaul organisations, and are committed to working efficiently, safely and autonomously.

We utilise our database of over 700 skilled pilots to offer worldwide pilot support to operators that require skilled pilots quickly, for both long and short term operations.

We provide cost-effective MRO pilot support for both commercial and non-commercial aircraft around the world for a range of helicopters, including; Boeing, Bell, Airbus, Sikorsky and Leonardo, ensuring that whichever helicopter requires piloting, we can supply a qualified and experienced pilot for the operations.

We know pilot support is important to MRO worldwide, we ensure that the pilots we provide have extensive experience working with MRO operators and understand the needs of the operators.

We audit all of our pilots, confirming that they are capable and qualified to conduct operations for a variety of helicopter models, which will be used for a variety of operations. Sectors and industries that our pilots have extension experience within, include military, oil & gas, government and emergency services.

We have detailed information on our pilots and know their experience of piloting helicopters. This means we can provide pilot support for our client with the right pilot who has relevant experience in the sector and the aircraft he/she will be utilised in.

We provide helicopter pilot support following MRO activities, ensuring that a qualified and experienced pilot is available to conduct flight-testing, confirming that the aircraft is in safe and effective working order, ready for operations.

We have significant experience of helicopter pilot support worldwide to operators, including emerging markets, regardless of geopolitical uncertainty.

We have skilled pilots based globally, allowing us to quickly deploy the right pilot to our client, ensuring that pilot flight testing is carried as quickly as possible allowing the aircraft to be deployed into operations at the earliest convenience.