Supporting operators of all sizes and fleets on diverse missions around the world


Pilot staffing and resourcing

HeliSpeed assists operators with their staffing requirements in two core scenarios: when pilots are needed for new, under-served or tough markets that existing staff are unsuitable for, or on short term, ad hoc assignments that are too costly to meet by employing a pilot full time.

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Capacity “Peak Shaving”

Many operators go through peak and off seasons and need to build some level of flexibility into their pilot pool. HeliSpeed is the alternative to carrying excess capacity all year round which creates an extra fixed cost and burden on the operator. We can provide talent as and when required.

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Helicopter ferry flights

Most lessors, brokers or maintenance organisation do not have pilots on their staff but do have an ad hoc need for pilot services, for example when an aircraft is required to be repositioned after maintenance, if a lease is being returned or an asset being sold.

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Pilot Flight Testing

We provide pilots across every platform to make sure tests are completed in full, whether at the end of a maintenance event, or in the context of an aircraft lease or sale.

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Pilot Flight Training

We develop customised training programmes to support our customers and their pilots with PPL,CPL and ATPL(H) qualifications on any type of helicopter and for specific mission profiles. Training pilots can be dispatched to a customer’s location to oversee training for a specific period.

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