Operators worldwide often experience both peaks and declines in the internal demand for their full-time pilots. In order to even out any troughs, Helispeed’s solution is to offer the industry an exclusive “Peak Shaving” service. This utilises any operator’s pilot spare capacity as and when required, by facilitating short term pilot loans, reducing overhead costs and maintaining pilots’ skills at the highest level.

We help our clients maximise downtime for their pilots by placing them with other operators, MROs and private individuals at times when pilots are not required by their operator.

We use our Peak Shaving service with a variety of operators across all sectors and industries, including oil & gas, emergency services and governmental and military, ensuring that pilots are allocated to the appropriate operators within a sector and industry of which they have experience in.

We ensure that once pilots are required back with their full-time operators, they cease operations with the other operator and return as quickly as possible.

We utilise our Peak Shaving service with clients worldwide, giving pilots the opportunity to remain full-time members of their organisations, receiving all existing perks and benefits, whilst also being utilised by other operators, ensuring that their skills are kept up to date and flying time is maintained at an appropriate level.

We match the operators with pilots that have extensive experience piloting helicopters within their industry and sector, ensuring that pilots are safe and competent to perform these new operations, whilst away from their full-time operator.

We utilise our database of over 700 pilots, capable of flying both commercial and non-commercial aircraft worldwide. The pilots we offer have extensive experience in piloting a range of helicopters, including Boeing, Bell, Airbus, Sikorsky and Leonardo. We provide pilots for a range of operations, including ferry flights, flight testing, asset management, pilot training, private individual flights and military operations.

We audit all of the pilots we provide to ensure they are fully qualified, experienced and capable of piloting the helicopter they’ll be flying, whilst with another operator. We also conduct checks to ensure the pilots have extensive experience in piloting aircraft in operations identical to where they are placed.