Ferry flights are an integral part of the aviation industry, every day helicopters around the world are re-positioned for delivery, asset management and maintenance purposes. As an industry leader in providing skilled helicopter pilots on short term contracts.

Because most lessors, brokers and maintenance organisations do not have a roster of pilots, but do have an ad hoc requirement for skilled pilots, Helispeed offers an industry-leading solution, providing experienced and appropriate pilots for ferry flights globally

We match our clients with the right pilot for helicopter ferry flights. Every pilot we supply has extensive experience of navigating the designated aircraft, ensuring the helicopter reaches its destination promptly and safely.

We provide a cost-effective solution. Utilising our database of over 700 skilled helicopter pilots, our clients are offered a solution which is much more cost-effective than employing pilots on a permanent basis. Our pilots are also available for both long and short-term operations, meaning they are flexible to the requirements of our clients.

We arrange the safe and efficient delivery of aircraft, utilising our team of logistics experts. As helicopter ferry flights are an integral part of the aviation industry, the smooth transportation of aircraft is of the utmost importance. Our in-house logistics experts utilise their wealth of experience in the global movement of aircraft to organise and successfully complete helicopter ferry flights.

We have operated helicopter ferry flights to destinations around the world, involving more than 39 countries. Our industry-leading experience and exceptional database of pilots allows us to facilitate the safe delivery of aircraft to nations, regardless of geopolitical uncertainty.

We fulfil helicopter ferry flights for a range of industries and sectors, including; oil & gas, military, government, emergency services and aviation maintenance repair and overhaul. Placing the right pilot for our client’s requirements is essential and we will only match our clients with pilots that have extensive experienced in flying helicopters in their industry, ensuring the highest-level of safety is achieved.

We use the latest tracking software, allowing our clients to easily track the movement of their aircraft in real-time. Our tracking software gives our clients peace of mind in knowing where their vital assets are at any given time.

We operate our helicopter ferry flights with the maximum confidentiality, ensuring that the details of the aircraft, route and organisations involved are kept on a need to know basis.

We utilise our extensive database of pilots to provide the appropriate pilot, with experience of flying the particular aircraft, at exceptionally short notice. Our pilots are experienced in a range of ferry flight operations including; re-positioning, acceptance, delivering for maintenance and overhaul as well as the movement of aircraft with passengers on board.

We ensure that the pilots we supply are certified to operate the aircraft in both the destination of departure and arrival. We also ensure all documentation, permissions and permits are acquired prior to flight.