Ensuring aircraft are fit for purpose and safe to fly is of the highest importance in the aviation industry and especially to Helispeed, the world’s leading helicopter pilot supplier.

For organisations that do not have a team available for helicopter pilot flight testing, Helispeed offers a quick, cost-effective and safe solution.

We provide experienced helicopter pilots for pilot flight testing capacity, ensuring test are completed in full at the end of a maintenance event or following an aircraft sale or lease.

We supply pilots with the appropriate experience to complete the helicopter pilot flight testing. Only pilots with extensive experience in the testing and navigation of the particular helicopter model are supplied to our clients, assuring that tests are completed by a competent pilot and to the highest standard.

We have developed unique software, allowing pilots to carry out pilot flight testing whilst also logging detailed technical information on the aircraft, that is informative and vital to our clients. The software allows clients access information, insights and data in real time, meaning they are notified immediately of any issues found during the testing exercise.

We work with organisations and governments globally, ensuring aircraft that are received, following either maintenance, purchase or lease, are safe to fly and delivered to the agreed specification and condition.

We have a database of over 700 pilots, which we utilise to ensure the right pilot is matched with our clients. Pilots are qualified to conduct pilot flight testing with a variety of helicopters, including; Boeing, Bell, Airbus, Sikorsky and Leonardo, ensuring that whichever helicopter requires pilot flight testing, we can provide the right person.

We audit all of our pilots, confirming that they are capable and qualified to conduct flight tests for a variety of helicopter models, which will be used for a variety of operations. Sectors and industries that our pilots have extension experience within, include military, oil & gas, government and emergency services.

We have detailed information on our pilots and know their experience of piloting helicopters. This means we can match our client with the right pilot who has relevant experience in the sector and the aircraft will be utilised in.

We take care of the administrative duties associated with the deployment and payroll of pilots, meaning our clients don’t need to worry about the associated documentation and costs of sourcing a pilot themselves.

We are a leader in the rapid supply of skilled pilots for both short and long term pilot flight testing operations.

We have skilled pilots based globally, allowing us to quickly deploy the right pilot to our client, ensuring that pilot flight testing is carried as quickly as possible allowing the aircraft to be deployed into operations at the earliest convenience.