Helispeed is a leading pilot supply company. We help organisations globally with their pilot supply needs, based on our database of suitably qualified pilots.

Since pilot staffing and resources is a problem encountered by many organisations in the aviation industry, Helispeed has built a world class reputation for working quickly and efficiently to ensure organisations are supplied with the right pilot at the right time:

We work with aviation industry leaders including Airbus Helicopters, Thales and Corporate Traveller. As well as working with leading aviation organisations and operators, we also provide our pilot supply services to government agencies, maintenance organisations as well as lessors and brokers, with qualified pilots certified to operate Boeing, Bell, Airbus, Sikorsky and Leonardo Helicopters.

We offer a rapid helicopter pilot supply service, utilising our extensive database of over 700 qualified and professional pilots, who have the ability to fly over 90 different types of helicopter. Our unique pilot supply services are usually called upon at short notice when operators need assistance with their staffing requirements. We excel in supplying pilots quickly, especially if operators find their current talent pool does not meet their requirements for new markets or specialist operations.

We supply fully qualified pilots for both short and long term operations, suitable for operators dealing with ad hoc assignments or when employing a helicopter pilot full-time is not a cost-effective initiative.

We take care of the administrative and logistical tasks associated with the allocation of pilots and services involved with each contract and mission, saving operators time and money by negating the need for often high costs associated with payroll processes, internal pilot resources and recruitment and wider HR activities.

We are a responsible pilot supply company and ensure all pilots we supply to our clients and government agencies are fully qualified and up to date with the required standards and security checked. Additionally, all pilots supplied to government agencies are experienced in completing government missions, ensuring the safety and security, both of individuals and materials on board.

We supply pilots to help aviation maintenance repair and overhaul organisations globally respond to both rescheduled and unscheduled events as well as unexpected breakdowns. The pilots we supply are highly experienced in working with maintenance repair and overhaul organisations, and are committed to working efficiently, safely and autonomously.

We supply pilots for lessors and brokers, with our database of pilots being available at short notice and located around the world, we can support lessors and brokers with their flight requirements.

We can supply pilots for global acceptance and repositioning of aircraft as well as overall asset management.

“Helispeed is committed to helicopter pilot supply of the highest quality, accompanied by world class services, for rapid response and pilot allocation.”