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Supporting Pilot-Operator Relationships

If you’re a helicopter pilot looking for flexible work opportunities all around the Globe, you’ve come to the right place. HeliSpeed was founded by pilots for pilots. Our mission is to match the skillset, ambitions and preferences of our pilots with the requirements of HeliSpeed’s customers, forming mutually beneficial partnerships.

The HeliSpeed team designed HeliTrax, a tool built to match the right pilots with the operators needs. HeliSpeed makes its commission from the customer when we supply a pilot to them, so our pilots never have to pay anyone. Our HeliTrax system is also completely free for helicopter pilots to register and use.

Key benefits of HeliTrax:

It is completely free for helicopter pilots to register with HeliTrax.

During the registration process, we get to know all your expertise so that we can effectively match your skills with the right operators.

HeliSpeed will never take a commission fee from our pilots. Our pilots take home 100% of the fee offered by the operator, at the going local rate.

With short and long-term projects available all over the world, there is complete flexibility – some of our pilots take on missions alongside their full-time job, and work only for a few days other what more long term projects, its up to you.

There is no obligation to accept a job. HeliTrax helicopter pilots can choose which opportunities they take and when they want to work to fit in with their lifestyle.

Once a mission is accepted by the pilot, we look after all of the admin and logistics. We’ll take care of the paperwork – you take care of the flying!

How does HeliSpeed and HeliTrax work?

When signing up to HeliTrax, you will need to fill in all the required registration information detailing ALL your experience to date, copies of important documents like your licences and any specific skills. We work with operators all over the world, across a wide range of markets and specialist operations. Each opportunity varies from short-term missions to three-year contracts. The HeliTrax registration process helps us to pair each operators job  with the most suitable pilot, so we need to have all your flying information to hand. With all of this information stored away, we will have everything that we need to pass onto the client –there shouldn’t be any need to supply us with additional details along the way! If your preferences change over time, you can update your profile accordingly.

At HeliSpeed, we bridge the gap between helicopter pilots and operators which are based all around the world. We help to ensure that each mission is mutually beneficial. If you choose to accept an operation, we take care of all the logistics and administrative tasks – from arranging contracts to organising travel arrangements. All of our pilots receive 100% of the going rate (we never take a commission from our pilots) so that you go home with the full pay package.

If you’re interested in hearing more about contract opportunities around the world and joining our team of over 1000 pilots, start the registration process on HeliTrax today.

Are you a Pilot?

Not sure how Helitrax can help?.

If you are a Pilot looking to sign up to HeliTrax, take a look at the our video for more information on how our tool can help you.

Five good reasons to be a HeliTrax® registered pilot

1. Run by pilots, working for pilots

We’re 100% focused on what our customers need to fulfil their missions but also know what it takes to be a pilot and complete the mission safely and efficiently. The pilot support we offer means we take care of the logistics and administration involved in getting a flight off the ground, so you can concentrate on being mission-ready.

2. Certainty as a contractor

We understand the uncertainties of being a contractor dispatched to different parts of the world at a moment’s notice. We’ll organise your travel arrangements, visas and accommodation no matter how long your contract, so you’ve got confidence in your set up on the ground as well as in the air.

3. Expand your horizons

Our skill is matching the right pilot to the right operator, taking into account skill sets, preferences and experience. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be used for the same mission every time. We know your passion for flying means you want to complete diverse missions. We’ll talk to you about your experience and ambitions when you sign up.

4. More flying time

With our wide set of operators across diverse markets, there is high demand for your skills and service. We’ll help you achieve more flying time than you would seeking out opportunities independently.

5. Pilot flight training and development

With our experience in pilot flight training across multiple platforms and regulatory environments, we can support you with your professional development, enabling you to fly more, discover new missions and markets, and build your experience level.

Sign up to HeliTrax®

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