Everyone recognises that it is vital that pilots are trained to the appropriate standards and competent in the missions they are tasked to complete. As an industry leader, Helispeed supports operators and individuals around the world with the supply of qualified pilots for helicopter pilot flight training:

We develop customised training programmes to support our clients, providing their staff with comprehensive training, certifying them and ensuring they are capable and confident in operating helicopters and associated services.

We provide training for numerous operating licences, including acquisition of Private Pilot Licenses, Commercial Pilot Licenses and the highest level of aircraft pilot certification, Airline Transport Pilot Licenses (Helicopter).

We also offer a helicopter pilot flight training capacity for refresher and advanced training exercises. Our database of pilots, capable of providing advanced pilot training, ensure pilots are operating at the highest level of safety.

We have significant experience of delivering training to operators around the world, including emerging markets, regardless of geopolitical uncertainty.

We offer certified and qualified pilots for private pilot training, providing our customers with pilots that have extensive experience in training individuals seeking to obtain Private Pilot Licenses around the world, giving them the skills to safely start their career in the aviation industry or pursue a new exhilarating hobby.

We provide pilots with the capacity and experience to undertake key operations, including; flight testing, ferry flights, military missions and commercial operations.

We handle all of the payroll, documentation and permits relevant to dispatching pilots around the world for training purposes, removing the costly burden of such activities.

We offer our clients, pilots that have experience on a variety of aircraft, including; Boeing, Bell, Airbus, Sikorsky and Leonardo, meaning regardless of our client’s aircraft of choice.

We can provide pilots rapidly at short notice. Our database of over 700 skilled pilots, positioned globally, allows us to service more than 39 nations, giving our clients unparalleled access to certified pilots.

We utilise our database of over 700 skilled pilots to quickly dispatch training pilots to our clients around the world. Pilots can be dispatched to our clients’ location of choice, for both short and long term periods.

We have deployed training pilots to support customers in a variety of industries and sectors, including; aviation, oil & gas, government and emergency services. We ensure that the trained pilot we supply, has extensive experience in the industry and sector our client operates in.

We vet our database of over 700 pilots comprehensively, confirming they are certified to undertake relevant certified activities. We also know the individual skills held by our pilots and their previous missions, ensuring that the training pilots we deploy to our clients, have extensive experience performing the tasks and manoeuvres relevant to the daily operations of the newly trained pilots.