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Onwards and Upwards!

By 13th April 2020 No Comments

It has been a very busy 4 years since the HeliSpeed journey began, starting out with just one UK contract we have seen exponential growth. Now supporting 60 customers globally with over 1300 pilots located throughout the world.

What’s trending in the Helicopter movements?

We thought that CoVid-19 would impact aircraft movements although it has in daily operations it’s certainly not in terms of international ferry flights, we have seen a surge in requests for ferry, acceptance and test flights in support of the changing landscape within the helicopter industry.

How can you gain more work opportunities?

 Register – and ensure your details are current and up to date! HeliTrax is a free tool for both Customers and Pilots to use. HeliTrax was developed to pair customers missions to the correct pilot (not the other way around).

How does it work?

There are two sides to HeliTrax the main purpose of the system is to control the customers missions. The customer adds all their requirements into the system. Helitrax records all the actions performed on that mission so the customer can view in real time the status of the missions.

To fulfil these missions we require the people, this being the Pilot, Engineer and or Flight Crew. So, we created a link from HeliTrax your records and the level of qualifications you hold allowing the customer full visibility of the skills you hold.

The right direction!

Once we are out of this current pandemic it will be full speed ahead, operations will resume and the demand for support will be high for both pilots and engineers there will be an increase in short term contracts as well as the long-term ones which have been delayed. We are seeing a request for support further afield for international operations

We all need to plan ahead, and to do this we need to be ready to quickly support these contracts so please make sure your details are all up to date and you’re ready to work.

Help us to help you, please make sure all your HeliTrax information is current and all PDFs are uploaded.