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HeliSpeed Solutions announces the launch of HeliSpeed Academy

By 6th November 2019 No Comments

HeliSpeed Solutions has announced the launch of their HeliSpeed Academy website and commencement of their full service helicopter training academy to the global market.

‘This represents a culmination of decades of experience that has now been fine-tuned and specialised to prepare for the next generation of helicopter pilots’ says Captain Nigel Orme, Chief Strategy Officer.  ‘With a current global pilot skills shortage and the need for specialised operator training, HeliSpeed Academy has been specifically designed to move away from ‘mass volume’ type flight schools and offer individualized focus and attention to each student pilot with multiple career pathway options.’

Operating from Blackpool Airport in the UK, HeliSpeed Academy is operating a fleet of Calibri G2, R44 and B206 technically advanced helicopters out of their state-of-the-art training facility.  HeliSpeed Academy will cater to individual ab-initio training along with supporting advanced level instruction for larger operators, police, fire, medical, rescue and military contracts.

‘With a diverse and experienced team of flight instructors, EASA approvals, new aircraft and modern classrooms/facilities we have put the professional student pilot at the heart of everything we do’ says Captain Geoff Packer, CEO of HeliSpeed Solutions.  ‘There is a high expectation on professional helicopter pilots globally in today’s market and at HeliSpeed Academy, we have ensured the very high calibre of training we are delivering is aligned with the values and expectations of helicopter operators around the world.’

HeliSpeed Academy will be running four full time CPL/ATPL courses per year with the first course due to start January 6, 2020 along with other helicopter Cadet programs and additional advanced flying courses throughout the year.

For more information please contact: 01253 808888 or